Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wild Sea Otter Gives Birth Near Aquarium

From Monterey Bay Aquarium
March 8, 2016

Otterly amazing! A wild sea otter mom, seeking shelter from stormy seas, gave birth to her pup in our Great Tide Pool this weekend as guests and staff watched. This mom and pup pair are not part of the Aquarium's Sea Otter Program so they may return to their wild kelp forest home at any time, but we’re so grateful to have had this incredible first-hand look at their lives.

Our sea otter researchers have been studying wild otters for over 30 years but have never seen a birth happen so close. Not that long ago, southern sea otters were hunted to near extinction but now, thanks to laws and a change of heart toward these furriest of sea creatures, the otter population in Monterey Bay has rebounded.

If you missed the live birth we shared on Periscope, check out the rebroadcast. You can also stay up to date through our Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram, and read more about the events as they unfold via Tumblr.

We’re amazed and awed to have had a chance to witness this Monterey Bay conservation success story in our own backyard.

Welcome to the world, little otter!

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