Saturday, July 7, 2012

What If There's a Seal on the Beach?

If you visit the beach this summer, you might see a seal on the beach.  What do you do if you see one?

California Sea Lion
Here's a few tips for your safety and the safety of the seal on the beach.

1) All seals are wild animals.  They have very sharp teeth.  Keep far away from seal on the beach.

2) Try to look at the seal with binoculars.

3) Do not touch the seal. 
Monk Seal

4) Do not throw rocks at the seal. 

5) Keep your pet away from the seal.  Keep your dog from barking at the seal.

Steller Sea Lion
6) Don't chase the seal if it is moving around.

7) Be sure that you are not between the seal and the water.  The water is the seal's first escape route.  You could get hurt.

8) Do not try to feed the seal.  Actually, it's a good idea to not feed any wild animals like birds and squirrels.
Elephant Seals

9) All marine mammals in United States waters are protected by law. That's one reason why you should stay away from them.

Harbor Seal
10)  Some sea lions might be sick this summer.  If you see a seal that looks sick, contact an authority. In the United States you can call 1-800-853-1964 and report the seal.