Rare Seahorse Found and Released

Light colors show where seahorses live

October 2012. When a boney fish is called a horse it must be a seahorse.  And if you sailed the world's seas, you would count 47 different kinds of seahorses.  

Photo of West African seahorse found this month.
A little known seahorse was found in West Africa just a few days ago.  It is called the West African seahorse (Hippocampus algiricus).  The scientist who noticed some fishermen pulling up a trap with a few seahorses accidentally caught in the fishing trap, asked them to release this little known seahorse.

Seahorses live in some of the world's most threatened habitats like sea grasses, mangroves, coral reefs and estuaries. 

Some people believe seahorses hold magical powers. Sadly, that has made some seahorses an endangered species. Also when seahorses are collected for aquariums, that harms them too. They don't live very long in home aquariums.

We like this book, Mr. Seahorse, by Eric Carle.  


Here is another video about seahorses.


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