"The biggest volcano ever found on Earth—one of the biggest we know of in the solar system—has been hidden for ages. But now scientists have found it, just chillin' beneath the sea. It's a monster," writes the science emagazine Gizmodo.

Scientist named the monster volcano,Tamu Massif.   It is located in the Pacific Ocean near Japan.

How big is Tamu Massif?  It is just a little bit smaller than the entire state of New Mexico--which is big state.

Tamu Massif's peak is over two-miles high.  That's more than fives times higher than Mount Everest.

Don't worry about the biggest volcano ever erupting.  Scientists think that it is long dead.
This is a 3D image of Tamu Massif just discovered on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.
Grownups, want detailed information?  Click this link:  http://phys.org/news/2013-09-monster-volcano-biggest-solar.html