Cookie Monster Twin is a Sponge!

Cookie Monster photo by  Mauricio Handler
Breaking News!  The Cookie Monster has a twin and it lives in the sea.  Well, kind of.  

A pair of photographers  exploring the reefs of Curacao in the Caribbean, found this odd looking fellow and snapped a picture to prove that maybe the Cookie Monster does have a twin. 

While it sure does look like that famous guy from Sesame Street, it is actually a purple sea sponge. This look-a-like was about three feet high.

A sea sponge is an animal, but it doesn't have brain.   They attach themselves to something hard on the ocean floor where water can bring in food and oxygen through their large canals.

Yes, sea sponges do sometimes wind up in our kitchens. But if the one above does, do you think it will look to absorb cookie crumbs instead of water?

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