Monday, August 17, 2015

Be a Plover Lover

Who doesn't love a walk along the beach?  Discovery is everywhere.  

There are shells.


Birds of all sorts.

 And sometimes a surprise, like a rare snowy plover!

Snowy plovers are tiny shore birds that are threatened species. That means, they are not doing very well and could become extinct. 

They make their nests on the beach.  And that's the snowy plover's challenge.  The nests are hard to see by us because they are tucked into dried kelp, driftwood and rocks. But coyotes, raccoons, owls and falcons can find them and dine on the eggs or the even the baby chicks.

Because their nests are camouflaged, you and I are a big danger to snowy plovers too.  And while our dogs love to run on the beach with us, they can accidentally destroy a snowy plover nest. 

Kites also scare snowy plovers.  They might mistake a kite in the air as a predator bird hunting for a fresh supper.

We can help the snowy plover by staying far away from areas where they nest during March and September.  Watch for signs and ropes on the beach. And remember Share the Beach and become a Plover Lover!

---all photos by C. Coimbra

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