Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dolphins Have Names For Each Other

Bottlenose Dolphin

     We know that dolphins are smart, but we did not know that some dolphins have names for each other. 
     That’s right.  Bottlenose dolphins “call out the…names of loved ones when they become separated.”  This news comes from scientists that study dolphins. 
      The dolphins don’t squeak out, “Hey, George!”  But what they do is make a “signature whistle” that identifies a single dolphin.  They are the only animals known to do this, says the study that took place in Florida.
     This special sound can also identify the whistling dolphin.  That helps other dolphins identify each other.  Another special thing about this dolphin “name whistling” is that it is used only for loved ones, like a buddy or a mother.
     To learn more about this visit Discovery News.

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